Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Love Pinterest!!!

Saw this on Pinterest one day, thought it looked like an idea...
It is undoubtedly a travel journal, but like you have time for that crap while on vacation!  When I'm on vacay, I am on vacay!  But when I was pregnant with Ivan, I bought the grandmas both cute 9x9 scrapbooks I was going to keep up with...  And failed miserably at.  So now over 5 years later and another son more, I thought hey, I like collage pictures, why not meld those with this whole travel journal idea.
I went to Staples for binder rings (I miss you, office products) and found so much more.  The hole punch was just a dollar, can you believe that Sharpie pack was $3?  And 4x6 notecards for the cover and back of the books...
 A sample of the collage photos.
 Making 3, for the gmas and MOMMY!!!
 The simple covers...
 One fully put together (the gms are done is mine?  Not so much, no...)
 I have one for Ivan, one for Ronin, one for brother pics, one for all 3 of my boys, a fun moods one where you can see Ro bawling, holidays and birthdays and trips...
The other gmas.

So gmas, expect these in the mail.  Some time soon...  Hee hee hee!!!

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