Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ohhh... Memory fail.

Do you ever get disheartened with things you want to do and they aren't quite on?  That is happening with me now, and I know a lot is my memory, and the other thing is selection and how I can change my mind daily.

I received my photos for the bedroom today, and...

 See 5 frames?
 But only 4 photos?  And I remember the 2 B&W and 2 color, but one color is landscape.  Grrr...  And one photo I changed my mind on...
 And a frame is broken?  Really?  (Yes, they were just $3.99, but I LOVE these frames.)
So here is my start.  I think I will use the other 8X10 I changed my mind on, and maybe steal 4 4x6's from B's stash for a collage?  Maybe?

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