Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My craft closet...

I am blessed with 2, YES TWO linen closets.  One in the laundry room, and a WALK IN CLOSET in my master WITH ITS OWN LIGHT!!!  But all the linens fit in my closet upstairs, so I turned the one on the laundry room into my craft closet.  And I made this today using a pic of the said craft closet.

I'm really going to pin it onto Pinterest and see how many people think it's cool.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

B helps make a home, too!!!

I was lucky to receive a well trained bachelor for a hubby!!!  Tonight he made an elk roast in the Crock Pot with veggies and he made his own gravy.  It was yummy!!!

Okay, wacky wall is done.

With the heart frame set up of last night, I had to redo the teeny skinny wall, and here it is.

I made the sign, can you tell?

Sunday, February 26, 2012


So as it usually goes, I have rearranged, which means I have an empty space I need to fill, so what will be my next project?  Hmmm...  No matter, here is what I did tonight!!!

 I moved these from my "game area."  See the undulate painting is gone?  My friend Davida made the mistake of telling me she liked it...  So it went home with her.
 Blank canvas.
 Tons of pictures.
 That's the latest empty space I need to fill...  I found a cool quote about brothers that may need to be placed there...
 Uh oh...  Wrapping paper time!!!
 Do you see it?  No?  HAHAHAHA!!!
 I don't need the grid, I just need a heart shape.  So I took a Sharpie and drew one out.
 Started hanging the pictures...
And then filled in the heart.  What do you think?

Thursday, February 23, 2012


 Look at the PERFECT measurement here, did Lennar PLAN this to be a coffee bar?
My Angela cup Dave Roberts gave me.  LOVE!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coffee bar... NOW DONE!!!

Except for the Keurig...  It's in the mail.

 Finished my recycled magazine/cardboard and Dollar Tree mirror sunburst mirror...
And the pictures all developed.

Facebook Post

So I got greeted to Facebook today from a post in a mommy group I'm part of.  Rebecca is somewhere in Canada, and this cracks me up!!!

Rosco Lee McGhee has inspired me to be a little bolder with my home decorations. I had to buy a new shower curtain and bath mat (not exciting) and as I'm going to grab the neutral beige ones, I ask myself "what would Rosco do????" I ended up grabbing the curtain with the adorable yet bright frogs and matching mat. Thanks Rosco!! You are my inner Martha (without the convictions)

So am I a trend starter?  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I *heart* Sailor Jerry

 So I was watching Ink Master the other night, and B actually sat and watched it with me.  CHAMP!!!  But they were talking old American tattoos, and you know I love me my Sailor Jerry tattoos.  So I was like hmmm...  A red wall...  What if I just did simple outlines of Sailor Jerry inspired pieces?  YES!!!  And seeing as how this will be a REAL coffee bar once I get my Keurig, OH IT'S ON!!!  So above you see the SH SH SHARK!!!  Did that one for B.  Love the anchor, and my friend Jaymie does, too.  Her hubby is a sailor!!!  And my horse shoe.
 My swallow, "R", navigational star and skull...  They are wacky and imperfect, but I love them.
 I used my Starbucks Christmas ornaments, and made me a coffee bar sign...
 I tie dyed coffee filters for the background.
I will do more fun Starbucks inspired pics.  I will keep Ro and Ivan and MAYBE the fun Super Hero pics. And B has asked how long this will stay, he claims if the house fell down, this wall is so painted it'll be left standing.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Reorg and Repurpose!

If you know us, you know our bar is called the "crap drop."  No matter how I reorg, it overflows.  So I've been thinking...  And rethinking...  And then I was like BING!!!

 FYI, Starbucks inspiration is gone...
 I bought these baskets at Lowes YEARS ago to store our DVD's at the old house, they've since just been hanging out in the laundry room wastefully holding cleaning supplies.
 That's the crap heap...
 So with 2 bulldogs, you can get this...
 And look what comes back into the mix!  The bowl I made for B, well...  Before we were even married, I believe.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where have I been?

I have been LOVING my new iPhone SOOO much...  My laptop is collecting more dust than usual.  So I need to update.

Let me upload the pics and see what I've got...

In update news, my favorite fire captain is being moved from my station to a new station, which means I still have my A-1 black team, I will keep his red team, and he now has a green team at the training center.  So I could have to bake 3 days in a row, HA!!!  But it will be going from a team of 6 like my original 2 teams, to a team of 14!!!  Yikes!!!  I think double cookie recipes, hee hee hee.

 So I was going through Pinterest and saw my friend Noelle in Portland posted this picture.  She loves it...  I think it's just black 550 cord knotted up all pretty and finished off.  So I told her " bet I can do that!!!"
 So I made this last night and got the jewelry hardware today.  I could not find gold, this was the only thing close I could even find.
 So I made this, then realized I guess that picture is a necklace?  Really?  It must be quite a thick knot, then.  But Noelle is a petite, svelte gal.  But I made a necklace, too.
 I hope she likes them!!!
 I did this cute canvas for my friend Yumi's girls.  Amazing what a canvas, one paint color, a sheet of scrapbook paper and Mod Podge can get turned into.
I dreamed up this kitschy necklace.  I call it Creature Comfort.  Pom poms and google eyes.  LOVE IT!!!  It's cute!