Saturday, January 21, 2012

Looky, I used my brains!!!

So I have 5 8x10 frames for over the bed for some of my hottie pics that should be in the mail soon, HOPEFULLY!!!  And I want to hang them over my bed, but UGH!!!  You know I measure 60 times and rehammer nails about 10 times.  BUT WAIT!!!  I have leftover Christmas wrapping paper that is gridded...  Hmmm, wonder if this would work.
 Here are the frames, I LOVE these "frameless" frames.
 The crap wrapping paper I almost threw out.
 Can you see the grids?
 Aligned some to my bed for proper length.
 Cut out a pretty piece.
 Folded in half to find center.
 Hung it up (yes, it took about 4 tries, and I think it looks crooked here because the photo is crooked.  Or my bed is crooked).
 There's center!!!
 WAIT!!!  Let's throw it up a notch...  Let's have the pics make a chevron!!!
 YES!!!  I hung the center, then the outer edges 4 squares below the center, found the center between the middle and the outers, and hung those 2 squares down.
 NOW TEAR OFF THE PAPER!!!  Okay, I COULD have removed the frames...  BUT I DIDN'T!!!
I don't think I straightened the frames after removing the paper, BUT I FEEL SO COOL RIGHT NOW in my crafty nerd world.

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  1. Oh my gosh, genius! I have 4 frames (of my 4 kids) that need to be hung in my living room and it's been sitting there for MONTHS! I'm thinking by the time I actually get to hanging them, I'll have next year's pictures to replace the ones inside the frames already!
    Maybe I'll use your idea of the grid wrapping paper...