Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Okay, guys...  5 years of boys and 5 years of child proofing.  Okay, so I never did the whole child proofing thing except the plug inserts which Ro now takes off and hands to me.  I never did the cupboard locks, toilet locks, etc.  I'm talking decor child proofing.  Unbreakable items they can throw if need be, table coverings to help with cleaning, etc.

I used to use place mats for Ivan, until they became a tool for getting into trouble.  Then I actually staple gunned a plastic cover on our old dining table.  And yes, I go between should I have a table cover, should I not.  Well, right now I do and I decided to tape the edges to the legs, but the thing was still moving around.

WAIT!!!  I GOT IT!!!
 My cute Target VDay table cloth...
 Plastic rope from the Dollar Tree I had from Christmas...

Now let's hope it works.

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