Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tooth Pillow

Ivan has a loose tooth...  A very loose tooth!!!  And undoubtedly he does not take after me because I would have had the thing torn out a week ago and working on taking out my second tooth.  When I brush his teeth, it looks like the tooth is swaying in the breeze...

So I found a cute tooth pillow on Pinterest made with felt and I was like I CAN DO THAT!!!  Mind you, I am not a craft storer, so I do not have pillow stuffing randomly on hand and all necessary items.  You'll see what I mean...
 My stuff...  The top felt is more denim, it looks black here...
 Cut everything out, the green are 2/4 of the felt square.
 Stitched the tooth onto the denim piece, where it says "TOOTH" is the opening to store the tooth.
 Nah I'll trim down the denim felt.
 Seeing as how I do not have stuffing, I decided to use the unused white felt and fold it into a thicker piece.
DONE!!!  Now for the tooth to come out.

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