Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was watching the Great Food Truck Race, and I saw a really cute sculpture, so I Googled it.
This is the Denver convention center, and I think it is a WONDERFUL art piece.  OH!!!  I need to Google pics of it from the inside!!!

I believe this even out does Portlandia on the Portland Building (voted most depressing building, thank you designer Michael Graves).

The Art Finale

Fishy Gramma put up Ivan's and my artwork, and put her own twist to it with the butterflies.  VERY cute!!!

Beware the over sized tissue paper puff!!!

I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!  But I don't need more in my house, anyone need any?

Monday, August 29, 2011


My buddy Dave is taking his fire captain exam tomorrow and just HAPPENED to ask for a "good luck" baked good.  He loves the whoopie pies I use cake mixes to make, so I mixed it up a bit and did a sort of Neopolitan whoopie pie.  (The last pic are B's 3 chilling in the fridge.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The boys got their ginormous blow up pumpkin for Halloween to go with all the rest of Ivan's stuff.  THIS THING IS HUGE!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


So my CD collection has sort of gone away.  I used to LOVE ALL of them, but then I outgrew groups, sold a bunch off, realized I had way too many one hit wonders, and realized there are more important things in life than a hoard of CD's.  And with my iPod, the CD has gone obsolete...  BUT!!!  My friend Jesse Mullene has fulfilled my dream come true.

This lil bitty stack holds 1200 CD's!!!  1200!!!  YES!!!

No Bee Gees or Barbara Streisand, but it is still AWESOME!!!

Thank you so much, Jesse!!!

Now if only socks could do the same thing...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What does a locked up guest room mean?

Um, nothing to Ivan.  I locked the Halloween stuff in the guest room, the boys go up to play and I hear Ivan "mom, come up here and bring your camera."  Check out the WICKED symmetry!!!  So proud of him.

Papa is a Holiday Enabler

So I informed my dad Lowe's has Halloween decorations, and magically a $100 gift card showed up in my email.  SO I took Ivan shopping.  Ivan's birthday is exactly 2 weeks before Halloween, and he ADORES it!!!  So this is what he got with $107.  (Yes, he went over budget.  My bad, the web cost more than I thought.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All my great ideas!!!

So it seems like all my great ideas are NOW being created.  AFTER I thought I needed them.  Oh well.  But now Lowe's has hanging lights you don't need to hard wire.  UGH!!!  And you can choose any pretty shade.  I thought I wanted one in the kids play area, not sure now that I thought it wouldn't work.


Where was I a year ago this time?  Did I not go to Lowe's like the crazy Lowe's woman I am now?  Wha?  And my dad just mail ordered a blow up Jack-o-Lantern for Ivan.  Because Ivan thinks that blow up decorations are worth more than a bar of gold.  Because of his love of them and my dad spoiling his grand children, my Christmas decorations went from one tub (there are even 3 fake trees in there) to 5!!!  Do I need Halloween tubs now?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Craft Time with Ivan

Ivan went from rocks, to snowmen, to a turtle...  Wait, he just took the turtle back, so who knows what his sculpture will be.  Mine is supposed to be an Elvis snowman, but it may end up a snowman with a fun winter hat...  Maybe the bad dude from Fargo?  HAHAHAHAHA!!!