Monday, July 23, 2012

Today's project...

I...  Hate...  Heights!!!

I'd like them better if I was sure footed, so like high places like skyscrapers or bridges, I do well with.  But ladders?  YOWZAS!!!  But I did some painting and decorating today...  I like it...  It brings something to that wall...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Holy Moly!!!

It has been so long since I've posted here, I forgot my email address to log in with.  OOPS!!!

The boys and I were gone for a month visiting Seattle and Portland, and though I got a handful of creativity out, I still took time out from that and even working out.  I needed that break, but now I am ready to get back into the game.

I have been painting, and plan to paint some more.  I redid the coffee bar to create a better, more neutral space.  And I really do love Studio Taupe so much, I'm going to bring more of it to the house.  It took me a long time to find the perfect taupe, I am not about to let it go.

I also moved some of my art and belongings around to make the family room more mature, and the front room completely a play area for the boys.

There is more to come!

 Moved the African pieces and horns into the family room to create an adult themed room.  No more kids stuff in here!!!  I even have decorative stuff in the niche on the right, my kids are growing up and I can do this now!
 Painted the bar and niche the taupe, and also along the ceiling line some to match the niche ceilings.
 The front room is now the boys.  One day it will be where they do homework.
 Moved paintings to the stairway.
 Family wall upstairs.
 Now what to do with my Starbucks ornaments?  Hmmm...  Bought a shadow box...
 And an awesomely printed piece of plastic...
 All my ornaments...
 I thought the shadow box could bring the coffee bar together with the sports jerseys...
 This is a slide topped shadow box, where you can collect random things you come up with like movie tickets and corks, sort of a cool invention!!!
 The tape from the display sheet that came with the frame did not completely come off, so I used a piece of brown paper as a background...
 Looks like the wall, huh?
 Plan A did not work...
 So how about plan B?
 And now it hangs under the cool mirror I made with recycled magazines!
The simple, revamped coffee bar.