Thursday, January 26, 2012

One holiday done...

So B got me a taller Christmas tree for next year (KMart clearance!!!) and my goal is to have one tree that celebrates all holidays.  So my plan is to make salt ornaments for each holiday.  Here is the first holiday, Valentine's Day.  I love these ornaments!!!  Easy to make, and Ro can throw them full bore on the tile floor and they don't break.  I didn't color this dough, but St Patty's Day they will be green.  I guess you can use Kool Aid mix to color, too.

I'll attach a pic when they are done, they have to bake for 4-6 hours, so I'll decorate them tomorrow.
 VDay are pink in the cookie cutter set.
 This is the best recipe yet I have made.  Smoother, I actually got my hands into it.
 Got a little more adventurous with shapes, too.
 I decided against pre made holes, I'd rather glue on hooks this time.
 Ro asked for the hand vac...
 Because undoubtedly he's tire of my floury mess...
 OCD anyone?
This is my fave.  It was the LAST piece of dough rolled out, I used every bit.

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