Thursday, January 26, 2012

VDay Bush

I am down 3 or 4 suckers thanks to the boys, so there are some bare areas.

One holiday done...

So B got me a taller Christmas tree for next year (KMart clearance!!!) and my goal is to have one tree that celebrates all holidays.  So my plan is to make salt ornaments for each holiday.  Here is the first holiday, Valentine's Day.  I love these ornaments!!!  Easy to make, and Ro can throw them full bore on the tile floor and they don't break.  I didn't color this dough, but St Patty's Day they will be green.  I guess you can use Kool Aid mix to color, too.

I'll attach a pic when they are done, they have to bake for 4-6 hours, so I'll decorate them tomorrow.
 VDay are pink in the cookie cutter set.
 This is the best recipe yet I have made.  Smoother, I actually got my hands into it.
 Got a little more adventurous with shapes, too.
 I decided against pre made holes, I'd rather glue on hooks this time.
 Ro asked for the hand vac...
 Because undoubtedly he's tire of my floury mess...
 OCD anyone?
This is my fave.  It was the LAST piece of dough rolled out, I used every bit.

The final product...

Okay...  Decided to use the 4th, and stole 4 4x6's from B for the final frame.
I hope no one thinks this is odd and egotistical.  If you know me, you should know I work hard on staying in shape and feel REALLY proud of myself being in the shape I am in after 2 kids, one being a c section.  And my hubby loves these!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


People have placed comments into this blog since November, AND I HAD NO CLUE!!!  UGH!!!  I am sooo sorry, guys!!!

Yumi, keep me posted on the frames and how they hang!!!

Shannon- Thank you for the jewelry props!!!

Sue- Buttery sugar?  My frosting recipe is 1 cup butter, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1 TBS vanilla (or change it up to almond extract) and a small amount of whipping cream.

McKenzie- SOOO glad Arthur likes his painting!  I love bringing fun into kids rooms.

SORRY!!!  I'll try to be better about this.

My next project will involve...

4 tire rims.  Daddy got new rims on the truck, and I told him he best be bringing these home!!!  Seats?  Tables?  Bench?  WHO KNOWS!!!


Okay, guys...  5 years of boys and 5 years of child proofing.  Okay, so I never did the whole child proofing thing except the plug inserts which Ro now takes off and hands to me.  I never did the cupboard locks, toilet locks, etc.  I'm talking decor child proofing.  Unbreakable items they can throw if need be, table coverings to help with cleaning, etc.

I used to use place mats for Ivan, until they became a tool for getting into trouble.  Then I actually staple gunned a plastic cover on our old dining table.  And yes, I go between should I have a table cover, should I not.  Well, right now I do and I decided to tape the edges to the legs, but the thing was still moving around.

WAIT!!!  I GOT IT!!!
 My cute Target VDay table cloth...
 Plastic rope from the Dollar Tree I had from Christmas...

Now let's hope it works.

Ohhh... Memory fail.

Do you ever get disheartened with things you want to do and they aren't quite on?  That is happening with me now, and I know a lot is my memory, and the other thing is selection and how I can change my mind daily.

I received my photos for the bedroom today, and...

 See 5 frames?
 But only 4 photos?  And I remember the 2 B&W and 2 color, but one color is landscape.  Grrr...  And one photo I changed my mind on...
 And a frame is broken?  Really?  (Yes, they were just $3.99, but I LOVE these frames.)
So here is my start.  I think I will use the other 8X10 I changed my mind on, and maybe steal 4 4x6's from B's stash for a collage?  Maybe?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

VDay hit & miss

 Went shopping today for VDay stuff...
 Got this awesome felt heart at Dollar Tree a few days ago, still not hung yet...
 But I'm going to make some cute heart garland!!!
 Staple one...
 Staple 2...
 Okay, tested out...  Strips are too long.  The top heart gets wonky...
 I am so in love with this garland.
 Next project...
 Did not finish it as I thought...
 3 sizes of circles...
 Drawn out...
 (I have since moved the circles closer to flatten out.)  I was going to hang these on the heart garland.
Changed it up.  A miss?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

They're BAAAAACK!!!

 TISSUE PUFF TIME!!!  You can be cool like me and look up the how to video on You Tube, or you can follow my simple pictures.
 Squares of tissue paper, I believe there are 12?  HAHAHAHA!!!  That is why you make crafts your own.
 I guess I got rid of my pipe cleaners, thank goodness for floral wire.
 This flower has jagged edges...
 This flower has rounded edges.
 One half unfolded (be gentle, tissue paper is sensitive).
 Both halves unfolded.
 I thought B's side of the bed was nekkid, ad I love my poofs!!!
 Thread and thumb tacks!!!
 His look a bit secondary, but it's cute!!!
 I chose somewhat masculine colors.
 And my poofs.
And the thumb tacks that hang them.