Thursday, September 29, 2011


Because SERIOUSLY I can lose sleep thinking about how to redo the toy area for the boys.  I added the bookcase, I need baskets, though, and I hope it stays up.  I molly'd it anchored.

I don't know...

May change it up again today, I feel the room is heavier on one side.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh, mah...

My husband has to be the COOLEST guy in the world.  I don't think he ever comes home to the same house twice and he seems cool with it.  He never dislikes anything, and even if I try to get out of him if he dislikes it, his sarcasm makes it clear that as long as it's not pink and floral, he is a-okay.

So he has come home to turquoise end tables, and a key lime coffee table.  But I painted those table legs black, and the feet of the sofa and chair, well...  They're cherry...  SO GUESS WHAT I'M DOING!!!

But that means the living room looks like this until the paint REALLY dries...

And...  I want to...  REARRANGE!!!  YES, I SAID IT!!!

Are you surprised?

Saturday, September 24, 2011


SO CUTE!!!  As if they were MADE for the tables!!!

The island has cured.

Furniture Shopping

So when we moved down here, we moved from a 1,071 sq ft house to a house more than twice that size, so our furniture was a joke!  So I was in charge of finding a place to buy furniture, and I found a GREAT place where we could get 3 rooms of furniture for a wonderful price...  Too bad the quality wasn't wonderful.  I have also realized that sectionals suck, and you don't want darker furniture with kids.

So I went to Ashley the other day to window shop, and found this sofa and love seat (I wanted Stone, not the red or green).

So we all had a family trip to Ashley today where we ordered the sofa and love seat, AND!!!  Daddy got his throne...
And I am assuming the boys are digging design like mah, because they had a field day there.  Iron Man was playing...

The boys got balloons...

Ro got to test out furniture, poop, and then chill...

And mah found her dream swivle/oval/cushy/who needs a bed chair.

The tables are done, but...

I need to do more.  I'm thinking of painting the feet of the sofa and chair black, and I think maybe I'll paint the 3 remaining Ikea chairs that have survived the wrath of Ro.  For sure the feet, but it's windy with a chance of showers today.  And maybe an overlay stencil design?  The blue is BLUE!!!  But at the same time, I LOVE IT!!!

OH!!!  And maybe find a couple cute knobs at Hobby Lobby!!!