Saturday, January 21, 2012

They're BAAAAACK!!!

 TISSUE PUFF TIME!!!  You can be cool like me and look up the how to video on You Tube, or you can follow my simple pictures.
 Squares of tissue paper, I believe there are 12?  HAHAHAHA!!!  That is why you make crafts your own.
 I guess I got rid of my pipe cleaners, thank goodness for floral wire.
 This flower has jagged edges...
 This flower has rounded edges.
 One half unfolded (be gentle, tissue paper is sensitive).
 Both halves unfolded.
 I thought B's side of the bed was nekkid, ad I love my poofs!!!
 Thread and thumb tacks!!!
 His look a bit secondary, but it's cute!!!
 I chose somewhat masculine colors.
 And my poofs.
And the thumb tacks that hang them.

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