Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is Mama doing today?

I NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE LIVING ROOM COLOR!!!  I want to bring down the green from the stairway and hall, yet friends are like "you can't paint over those trees."  I AM SO CONFUSED!!!  So I moved furniture around.  I am going to move the china cabinet from where it is to where the masks are.  I just need Molly's before I do that.  Then that back wall can be my focal wall and I can go from there with what I want to do.

I have also patched the little wall in the boys play area and plan on "tagging" it with some fun "graffiti" things.  I'll definitely do the boys names, along with some other little boy related items.  I'll start on that tonight when the patch filler dries and the boys go to bed.

Living room before:

Living room after:

Playroom wall before, wait for the after:

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