Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Design Star this Week

Did you watch this week?  I think the whole being at a graffiti art museum got too much into some of the peoples heads.  It didn't mean graffiti the crap out of your white space.

There were definitely some hits and misses.  I feel bad for Meg, but watching her put that table together pained me.  She did way too much to make the job way too hard.  There was an easier way to put that thing together, but she was way too reactionary.

Mark won...  His room looked like something out of a comic book, which yo should know I admire.  BUT!!!  He was walking around in an Ar Force Retired hat that belonged to his grandfather.  My father is retired Air Force, and there is no way I would walk around with any of his retired or veteran hats because I did not earn them!  I understand the sentimentality of it all, but I thought it was a little too much and annoying for me.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Kevin's room.  LOVED the crumpled paper wall treatment!  And the green was nicely done.

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