Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hollywood Noir Chic - My next project!!!


It is technically the final room to get done in this house.  Then when I am done, I can start ALLLLLL over, right?  HA!!!  So I'm going for a glam Hollywood feel, yet with a darkish noir effect.  Can you picture it?  Huh?  I'll keep you posted.

The ornaments are supposed to be a funky art display, they will look better once the colors are up on the wall.  I wanted to bring in Tiffany Blue.  The frame will be a mirror I used pieces of a toilet paper roll to create a fun floral motif.  I got that idea from my friend Nani (thank you,

The gray color is called Shaken Not Stirred (Valspar), it will go 6 feet up, then 8 inches above that will be the Rock color (also Valspar).  I want to keep some white, I think it's classic and crisp.

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