Saturday, July 16, 2011

Design Star- Season 6

So did you watch?

I know it was the typical first challenge of decorating their living space, but I like how they've changed things up to "we won't be producing your show."

Why didn't people bring their A-game?  Allow yourself time to finish.  I think I would fail on the show because my best times to work and create are all hours of the night (I don't sleep when B is gone, hee hee).  And I don't think that is allowed.

Did you think the right person got voted off?  Do you think the gal with a news reporting background has an unfair advantage?  I loved some of the terms people used for their styles: Modern Industrial, Industrial Chic, Green goes Glam.

The next challenge is the white room challenge.  LOVE THAT ONE!!!  Will anyone try to hang fresh fruit up this season?

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