Thursday, July 7, 2011


Okay, I was disappointed last year when they chose the winner (not naming said winner, you will see why if you keep on reading).  I know what the Secret of the Stylist is...  She was kissing butt.  When you get to the last 2 contestants and you realize you don't care who wins, that is just sad.  I chose the first 4 season winners with absoluteness...  So hopefully season 6 is better than 5.

With that said, can you name (without researching) the first 5 winners by season.  First name only, I could only remember 2 last names.  Email me at  Also add who you would like to decorate your home and which room.  (I already know my mother in laws answer, hee hee.)  I would choose the season 4 winner to redo my master!!!

It all starts Monday, and it will be followed by Room Crashers, hosted by Todd- Season 2 runner up!  I liked him, but thought he was a little ADD and surfer dude-ish.

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