Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is ART?

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.
             - Charles Horton Cooley
It amuses me I found a quote from a Sociologist, they're not ever really the artsy type...

So to you, what is art?  What do you like decorating your home?  What comforts you and also might distract you from the stresses around you?  And can you allow yourself to be your own artist?  I'm not asking you if you want to, way too many people get nervous or claim they are not artists.  I remember looking at my Grandma Brownie's phone book and all the doodles the put on it while she would have her phone conversations.  That, my friend, is art!  Throw anything in a frame, and it looks good!

So what can you throw in a frame?  Let's see...
     Want to paint a canvas?
      Include your kids in your projects, or display items they make in daycare or preschool.
      Recycle items by gluing them on pretty paper, or recycle pages of a magazine.
      What about being an amateur photog?  Picasa makes ANYTHING awesome!!!

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