Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ugh Home Goods & Hobby Lobby!!!

So I want a new look for my stairway, and I have all these awesome colors and ideas in my head, and I finally have the funding to go to Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, and also a kid free morning to do such shopping.  Well EVERYTHING was on sale at Hobby Lobby BUT the resin stuff, which was more what I wanted.  And Home Goods...  How can there be room for carts in your aisles.  But here is what I got THUS FAR!!!  I think I need a trip to Michaels and MAYBE I can come up with something.
 I love the kitschy leopard tree, it will stay up ALL YEAR!!!  I got the glass pedestal candle holder to hold my soldier tree, LOVE IT!!!  And check out the silvery obelisk!!!
 Tall purple vase, and the AWESOME TEAL CROC PRINT BOX!!!  Now I need a color to cut into the teal and purple...
And look at these beautiful ornaments.  LOVE the glass!

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