Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where have I been?

I have been LOVING my new iPhone SOOO much...  My laptop is collecting more dust than usual.  So I need to update.

Let me upload the pics and see what I've got...

In update news, my favorite fire captain is being moved from my station to a new station, which means I still have my A-1 black team, I will keep his red team, and he now has a green team at the training center.  So I could have to bake 3 days in a row, HA!!!  But it will be going from a team of 6 like my original 2 teams, to a team of 14!!!  Yikes!!!  I think double cookie recipes, hee hee hee.

 So I was going through Pinterest and saw my friend Noelle in Portland posted this picture.  She loves it...  I think it's just black 550 cord knotted up all pretty and finished off.  So I told her " bet I can do that!!!"
 So I made this last night and got the jewelry hardware today.  I could not find gold, this was the only thing close I could even find.
 So I made this, then realized I guess that picture is a necklace?  Really?  It must be quite a thick knot, then.  But Noelle is a petite, svelte gal.  But I made a necklace, too.
 I hope she likes them!!!
 I did this cute canvas for my friend Yumi's girls.  Amazing what a canvas, one paint color, a sheet of scrapbook paper and Mod Podge can get turned into.
I dreamed up this kitschy necklace.  I call it Creature Comfort.  Pom poms and google eyes.  LOVE IT!!!  It's cute!

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