Sunday, February 26, 2012


So as it usually goes, I have rearranged, which means I have an empty space I need to fill, so what will be my next project?  Hmmm...  No matter, here is what I did tonight!!!

 I moved these from my "game area."  See the undulate painting is gone?  My friend Davida made the mistake of telling me she liked it...  So it went home with her.
 Blank canvas.
 Tons of pictures.
 That's the latest empty space I need to fill...  I found a cool quote about brothers that may need to be placed there...
 Uh oh...  Wrapping paper time!!!
 Do you see it?  No?  HAHAHAHA!!!
 I don't need the grid, I just need a heart shape.  So I took a Sharpie and drew one out.
 Started hanging the pictures...
And then filled in the heart.  What do you think?

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