Sunday, February 19, 2012

I *heart* Sailor Jerry

 So I was watching Ink Master the other night, and B actually sat and watched it with me.  CHAMP!!!  But they were talking old American tattoos, and you know I love me my Sailor Jerry tattoos.  So I was like hmmm...  A red wall...  What if I just did simple outlines of Sailor Jerry inspired pieces?  YES!!!  And seeing as how this will be a REAL coffee bar once I get my Keurig, OH IT'S ON!!!  So above you see the SH SH SHARK!!!  Did that one for B.  Love the anchor, and my friend Jaymie does, too.  Her hubby is a sailor!!!  And my horse shoe.
 My swallow, "R", navigational star and skull...  They are wacky and imperfect, but I love them.
 I used my Starbucks Christmas ornaments, and made me a coffee bar sign...
 I tie dyed coffee filters for the background.
I will do more fun Starbucks inspired pics.  I will keep Ro and Ivan and MAYBE the fun Super Hero pics. And B has asked how long this will stay, he claims if the house fell down, this wall is so painted it'll be left standing.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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