Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Furniture Snowball

Yes...  I start something, and it'll be done about a week and 3 rooms later.  The new furniture brought about a transition in wall hangings, and the transition of wall hangings is going to make me want to turn the bar area into my own Starbucks decorated space.  I'm talking hand painted mural!!!  YES!!!  I shall keep everyone posted, I want to think out a plan.  But I removed B's man stuff to put by his recliner for his zen area.
 The old stuff, buh bye now!!!
 The NASCAR track.
 Cramped toys awaiting new places.
 The old man wall, soon to be Starbucks!!!
 I'm talking mural on the ceiling, man!!!
 Ivan tests out daddy's chair.
 Ro tests out the sofa.
 Love seat awaiting feet.

 Stole the rug form the living room and the table from the play area.

 Empty future man wall.
 New man wall.
 My fine arts wall.

My future Starbucks inspired coffee bar.

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