Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yesterday when the boys and I went to Home Depot, I noticed they were going to have Behr reps today for a special contest and try Behr products thing.  So when Ivan was in school, Ro and I went, and it was dead.  The only 4 people there were the Behr reps, so I was like WHERE IS EVERYONE I LOVE BEHR PAINT!!!  One guy asked if I used Behr Ultra.  Uh...  IN ALMOST EVERY ROOM!!!  (I did admit to my short Valspar love.)  So here I am, "Studio Taupe, Contessa, Tibetan Orange, Zen, Chamois Tan..."

I told them bout using the testers for fun designed walls, and told them my old house was painted with Behr.  So "Brian" introduced himself to me and asked what my name was and was like "she needs a hat."  So they found me a hat.  I looked down and saw one of those massive every color of Behr paint sample fans like David Bromstad uses, and I'm like "oh, I want one of those."

Brian said no, but another gentleman was like "we'll find another," and HANDED IT TO ME!!!  YES!!!  He even asked me if I decorated other peoples' houses.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

My friend Sunshine told me they only gave it to me to save them money in the long run because I never leave HD without at least 5 or 6 swatches, HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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