Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A house that grows with you...

So I was talking to my LOVELY friend Angelique Osoteo today (I went to school with her hubby Damian), and I was telling her what I was up to.  How I had just painted some railings because white doesn't agree with small children, and I told her about the chalkboard paint in the kitchen.

Then it hit me...

I truly have a house that will grow with us.

The kids play area will one day grow into a beautiful office space.  The game area will actually have games played in it.  And maybe...  JUST MAYBE!!!  One day I will be able to have a table runner and a breakable decorative item on my dining room table.

One day...

But now I have truly touched my kid friendly styling...  And hopefully one day will be untouched by it, hee hee hee!!!

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