Monday, August 15, 2011

Productive Day at the Craft Stores

Ro wasn't feeling his usual chipper self today, so we went to Vons, Home Depot, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  And I broke down...  Yes...  Yes I did.  So I texted my dad and said "it's time to start thinking about Halloween decorations."  He had to call me like I was CRAZY!!!  But you don't understand, they decorate for Halloween down here like they decorate for Christmas up there.  CRAZINESS!!!  So last year we got a pass for being newbies.  This year, I SHALL BE ON THE BALL!!!

But yes...  It is August 15th, and I bought Halloween stuff today.  A charger to decorate with some cut out bats and rhinestones, and some orange/purple Halloween lights.  It's a start!!!

And I did notice at Hobby Lobby, a store closed on Sunday for religious observation, they have no Halloween stuff, just fall stuff.  No bats or skeletons, just orange and brown with scarecrows.  But do you know what they do have?

I used to REALLY be into jewelry making, but it seemed the more I did, the more expensive it got, and I hardly wear jewelry.  I mean, I don't even wear my wedding rings.  But there was a jewelry making thing where you could use an epoxy to place pictures or beads or decorative paper into necklace or bracelet settings, but it seemed like a hassle.  I always thought "wouldn't it be cool to just have it in a squeeze bottle?"  WELL GUESS WHAT!!!

Now I have something to use these useless lil pictues they give you with your Costco picture order for!!!  YAY!!!

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